Height: 120 CM
Width: 52 CM
Depth: 55 CM

Material: BRONZE
Edition: 9
Number of this copy: 3
Year produced: 2018
Price: Upon request

The octopus was the most ambitious project yet, partly because of the method and partly because it is Elisabeth’sdebut into the furniture world. The process of making him started with welding pieces of metal together as the structural support - the body being a wire mesh structure and the tentacles being strands of metal - and then building him up with clay thereafter. Elisabeth’s goal was to create a table that combined traditional and modern components in order to suit any surrounding, and yet without the glass surface could also be a sculpture with meaning in its own right.
Elisabeth feels strongly that this piece was, in some ways, a breakthrough. She was compelled to work on it at all hours of every day until the idea was successfully communicated. Many thanks also go to her friend, Henry, whose knowledge and skill at manipulating metal have been invaluable.

REF No. 21327