Boxing hares

Height: 90 CM
Width: 26 CM
Depth: 65 CM

Material: Bronze
Edition: 9
Number of this copy: 4
Year produced: 2018

Price: upon request

It is a rarity, even for those living in the countryside, to stumble across hares boxing, so from an observational point of view this already presented its problems. The majority of Elisabeth’s work is inspired by daily observations and, as such, the countryside is not only a wonderful source of inspiration but also a merciless critic; in this case Elisabeth had neither to rely on. The predominant issue she had to overcome when depicting hares boxing (something she’s never witnessed before) was proportion. This therefore took a little longer to come into fruition; however she kept in mind the qualities that hares are believed to represent, re-birth and spirituality, and the end goal became clearer. These again are on a large scale and were envisaged outside or perhaps by an entrance into the garden. 

REF No. 45244