Height: 4 CM
Width: 11 CM
Depth: 8 CM

Material: Bronze
Edition: 12
Number of this copy: 4
Year produced: 2018

Price: 210 Euros VAT included 

The spider, an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth, but a modern symbol of what? We are frequently reminded that the symbol is of fear, but there are one or two aspects that Elisabeth draws real meaning from. Spider silk is arguably the strongest fibre made in the natural world, weight for weight it is stronger than steel. There is even cloth at the V&A woven of pure Golden Orb Spider silk. They produce it (seven forms of it, depending on variety) spin it, and weave it using no tools other than that which God gave them. Metaphors are found in tapestries, Verse draws parallels between them and the silks that we weave in our own lives, and yet we distrust them so?! Our phobias might find solace if we saw clearer the poetry that exists within the spider. Elisabeth hopes the simple quality of this bronze shows the harmless side of the arachnid.

REF No. 22072