Height: 13 CM
Width: 9 CM
Depth: 12 CM

Material: Bronze
Edition: 12
Number of this copy: 12
Year produced: 2018

Price: 380 Euros VAT included 

Maintaining Elisabeth’s present interest in smaller sculptures, the Robin seemed an obvious next choice to her. Spending so much time in the Angus Glens of Scotland, observing nature is a ceaseless part of life. Nevertheless, there is one personality which is an inescapable feature of Elisabeth’s day; the Robin. Mythology plays an interesting part for much of our flora and fauna, and this fowl is no exception. It suspends a certain air of magic around our much loved hedgerow visitors and, as such, inspires us to take a keener interest. There is much folklore surrounding Robins and an abundance of speculation to follow, so much so that the Robin can find himself quite overshadowed by his past; something that some of us might relate to. In this instance, it is for the beholder to decide what the true sentiment was behind this Robin’sconception. 

REF No. 29978