Sleeping Mouse

Height: 6 CM
Width: 3 CM
Depth: 2 CM

Material: Bronze
Edition: 25
Number of this copy: 8
Year produced: 2017

Price: 250 Euros VAT included 

Following a desire for change, Elisabeth decided to focus her attentions on our smaller friends and produce, to coin a Scottish phrase, a wee mouse. 
Transitioning from oversized to bite-sized creatures was a fun challenge for her. It forces the creator, as well as the beholder, to finely tune one’s eyes and observe the sweetness and fragility of the mouse in its minute form. For many of us, our proximity to mouse kind can be unsettling, we are never very far from these furry mammals and their presence is often a cause for recoil, but through this piece Elisabeth would like to shine a light on their delicate species, of which there are many varieties, and prompt us to see the finer points of this little rodent. 
Having embarked on the mouse as a subject Elisabeth felt a real fondness growing for this little cousin of ours, and so the “mouse series” was born. 

REF No. 17336