Height: 160 CM
Width: 51 CM
Depth: 52 CM

Material: Bronze 
Edition: 9
Number of this copy: 3
Year Produced: 2017

PRICE: upon request

Whilst Elisabeth considered her next project, inexplicably, an Orang-utan came into her mind swinging from a tree. At the time she felt the idea was incredibly ambitious and it was hard for her to imagine how it might come to fruition, never having embarked on such a big project before. Nevertheless, the seed of inspiration had been planted and so the research began, watching videos of Orangutans, taking photos and studying taxidermy in various museums in Florence and London. Having gained an understanding of how these animals move, this piece was created from Elisabeth's imagination. She tried to entice the audience with the monkey’s expression, showing its beauty and also a sense of fun to emulate human emotion and provoke a positive reaction from the onlooker. Through this piece, the artist wanted to make the public aware of the Orangutans’ plight, they need our help and protection in their natural environment which is becoming more and more endangered. This sculpture was created as an ambassador for the species.