Elisabeth Lamarche

Elisabeth Lamarche

AboutElisabeth has always been deeply interested in wildlife and the natural world. Having spent much of her life in the Belgian and Scottish countryside surrounded by animals and wildlife, she discovered a passion for painting, drawing and sculpture as a means to capture the beauty of the natural world. Over time as her fascination with nature grew, she developed skills in artistic expression through training and apprenticeships in France, the UK and Italy.

Her experiences in the wonderful city of Florence, where she found great inspiration and mentorship during her studies, have been tantamount to Elisabeth's development as an artist. She studied at Charles Cecil Studio for three years, focusing on portrait painting. Following this, she studied sculpture for two years at the Romanelli studio under the owner Raffaello and his brother Vincenzo, who had a profound influence on her practice. Her apprenticeship under Bruce Walker in Perthshire, learning the art of glass engraving and stone carving, also proved to be formative to her growth as an artist.

In exploring different mediums she has honed in on the methods that best lend themselves to the vision she would like share. Elisabeth is currently based in Luxembourg, but also continues to work in Italy expanding her portfolio.Artistic ApproachElisabeth's sculptures are based on her captivation with the animal kingdom. Each sculpture is a life-like representation, and heeds special attention to the animal’s position, posture and expression.

The idea is to heighten the onlooker’s empathy towards animals, allowing one to relate on a personal-level and acknowledging the importance of our counter-parts through an emotional reaction.

The natural world needs our protection and respect, and through her work, she seeks to draw out these emotions from the viewer. It is her desire to continue to raise awareness of these animals and contribute to their protection through her artistic practice and donations. Artistic Education 2010 - 2011 - Ateliers de Sevres foundation course (Paris, France)
2012 - 2013 - Heatherly’s Art school (London, England)
2013 - Bruce Walker sculpture and glass engraving 3-month apprenticeship (Perthshire, Scotland)
2013 - 2015 - Charles Cecil Studios (Florence, Italy)
2015 - 2017 - Galleria Romanelli (Florence, Italy)